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Taiwanese exchange student in US school attack plot to be deported

Sun reportedly apologized to the court, expressing deep regret for the incident, and for being unable to attend university in the U.S.

The photo shows An Tso "Edward" Sun (孫安佐) appeared in court in late April.

The photo shows An Tso "Edward" Sun (孫安佐) appeared in court in late April. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan New) - The Taiwanese exchange student accused of threatening a mass shooting at his high school near Philadelphia had been sentenced to four to 23 months in prison, and was released after a judge ordered immediate parole to federal immigration authorities for deportation.

An Tso "Edward" Sun (孫安佐), the 18-year-old son of Taiwanese talk show hosts Sun Peng (孫鵬) and Di Ying (狄鶯), was arrested last March after he reportedly told a classmate he was going to "shoot up" the Monsignor Bonner and Archbishop Prendergast Catholic High School on May 1, though he called it a joke.

Sun was charged with terroristic threatening and with possessing an instrument of crime after police discovered more than 1,600 bullets at his host family's house.

The Delaware County Daily Times reports Sun entered an open plea on Monday, June 4, in Delaware County Court. Judge Barry Dozor said Sun had the means to act on his threats and "this was more than just mere words." Sun reportedly apologized for his actions to the court, saying "he had brought shame on his family and those who supported him."

"During my time in prison, there was not one day where I was not regret what I did," said Sun. He continued: "Now I cannot even graduate with my friends or go to the college I always wanted to, because of my own mistakes. I'm just really sorry. I'll make sure this never happens again," according to the report.

After hearing Sun's apology, the judge said Sun caused serious havoc to his school which was supposed to be a safe place for students to learn. The judge advised him that the best way to make amends for his actions was to contribute with only positive deeds in the future.

Judge Dozor ordered his immediate parole to federal immigration authorities.

Updated : 2022-05-27 05:08 GMT+08:00