Second-generation immigrant students are 10% of Taiwan's 1st-9th graders

Decreasing trend in immigrant students as decreasing trend in transnational marriages: MOE


(By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The latest data released by the Ministry of Education shows that the second generation of immigrant students make up one tenth of the total amount of elementary and middle school students in Taiwan (first grade through ninth grade).

Of the 1,799,952 first through ninth grade students around Taiwan in the academic year 2017, 181,301 students, or 10.7 percent, are second-generation immigrants.

The overall amount of enrolled students however has steadily decreased since the school year 2014, according to LTN. In 2014 for instance there were over 210,000 new immigrant students, 10.31 percent, of the total ninth grade and under population.

The Ministry of Education estimates that this decreasing trend in immigrant students is related to the tapering trend of transnational marriages. However, the diversity created by these students is very much a strength in Taiwan.

This 10 percent of students are enrolled in precisely 3,456 educational institutions around Taiwan.

Almost 90 percent of this new generation have parents from China, Vietnam and Indonesia, 40.56 percent, 9.99 percent, and 9.02 percent respectively.