Laborers protest HTC at Taipei's Google office

Filipino migrant workers, justice groups protest HTC's unfair work practice outside of Taipei 101

Google has yet to respond protester's claims.

Google has yet to respond protester's claims. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A group of Serve the People-Taoyuan (SPA) members and Filipino migrant workers gathered in protest outside of the Google office in Taipei 101 today to denounce HTC for recent layoffs and condemn the company for unjust treatment of Filipino workers.

The protesters accused HTC of forging documents and tampering with worker's contracts to escape paying workers salaries and benefits at a press conference today, according to CNA and Migrante International - Taiwan Chapter.

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According to SPA Director Wang Ying-ta (汪英達), when Google acquired HTC in Feb., the company initially planned to fire all Filipino workers, however the plan was stopped with the help of the Serve the People Association. However, HTC has continued to ask workers to voluntarily terminate employment since, a violation of worker's rights.

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According to Wang, the original work contract stated that HTC should pay for worker's accommodation and food, but HTC asked workers to sign an appendix later in their employment stating that workers agree to paying the NT$2,500 (US$80) monthly stipend and airfare fees themselves.

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Wang said that if HTC wished to continue to ask workers to voluntarily quit that the company should provide workers the option of transferring employers should they want to stay in Taiwan as well as provide free meals and lodging during the transition time. Further, Wang asks that HTC repay workers the fees collected for food and accommodation and remove any clauses added to contracts after workers signed them.

Google has not yet responded to these claims. The protesters are demanding that Google take legal responsibility for the actions of HTC.