Photo of the Day: Horseriding in Taipei's Bali District

On a windy and grayish Saturday afternoon, two men rode horses along the calm and less crowded riverbank of Bali District

Two men are riding horses along the riverbank of Bali District (Photo courtesy of Andy Ip Gia Thien)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Located in northeastern Taipei and facing the other side of the Tamsui River, Bali District is an alternative tourist destination in lieu of Tamsui Old Street for those seeking a riverside view on the outskirts of the city. 

On a windy and grayish Saturday afternoon, two men rode horses along the calm and sparsely crowded riverbank of Bali District.

From the muddy and barren riverbank, the two horse riders look like trailblazers exploring a no man's land.

Most likely they are members of a nearby equestrian club which provides regular equestrian courses to children and adults.

Two men ride horses along the Bali District riverbank. (Photo courtesy of Andy Ip Gia Thien)

About the photographer:

Andy Ip Gia Thien is a 24-year-old Vietnamese student currently living in Taipei. He is a senior student at Ming Chuan University majoring in Journalism and Mass Communication. He has contributed many photographs to Taiwan News.