Jeremy Lin intimately discusses career in eastern Taiwan

NBA star Jeremy Lin shares career highs and lows to inspire crowd of 4,000

Jeremy Lin at 'Never Done' in Hualien.

Jeremy Lin at 'Never Done' in Hualien. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — NBA basketball player Jeremy Lin hosted a sharing symposium titled "Never Done" (永不止息) on the evening of June 2 in Hualien as part of the star's 7-day trip in Taiwan.

During the event Lin shared personal and professional experiences from "Linsanity" up through a string of recent injuries with a crowd of over 4,000 fans. Lin hopes the setbacks and successes of his career can inspire the victims of the Hualien earthquake, according to CNA.

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Lin signed with the Brooklyn Nets in 2016 and in Oct. 2017 Lin ruptured a patella tendon on his right knee during a season opener, an injury that benched him for the rest of the season, over 50 games. Lin recalled during the symposium:

"At that time I really did not want to return to Taiwan because I did not feel I was living up to the support and encouragment Taiwan fans were giving me. I felt I had nothing good to share."

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By sharing however Lin hopes to inspire local athletes, earthquake victims, and the entire "Never Done" crowd, saying:

"Then I realized that there is nothing like coming home and smiling when you see your family. I hope that everyone here finds peace and love through faith in the future."

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When Lin first landed in Taipei on May 31, a fan asked how his knee felt. Lin responded that it felt fine and he expects to be ready for the next season.

Following the symposium and a basketball camp in Hualien, Lin will return to Taipei for promotional events through June 6.