New Taipei boxer who murdered his girlfriend may have eaten her entrails

New Taipei boxer and MMA fighter who met his girlfriend on Tinder may have eaten her internal organs after murdering her

Surveillance footage of Chu hiding body parts.

Surveillance footage of Chu hiding body parts. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- As detectives continue to investigate the grisly murder of a 27-year-old NTU graduate, Huang I-min (黃亦敏), by her 28-year-old jealous boxer boyfriend, Gary Chu (朱峻穎), officials have been unable to find her internal organs among the eight bags that her body was disposed in, and a mortician theorizes that the suspect might have eaten them.

Though investigators initially found seven bags containing Huang's remains, an eighth bag was discovered at 2 a.m. this morning containing her left thigh, 20 meters away from where other body parts had been buried, reported Apple Daily. The only part of her body which is still missing are her internal organs.

As for the possibility that Chu flushed Huang's internal organs down the toilet, police have refused to comment on whether they have started a search of the septic tank. In an interview with Applie Daily, a Mortician surnamed Weng (翁), who is involved in the search for her remains, emphasized that they are doing their best to retrieve her entire body.

Weng theorized that if her internal organs are not found to have been flushed down the toilet, given the ruthless way Chu murdered Huang, he said its possible he ate her internal organs. Weng said that if they are unable to locate her internal organs elsewhere, they may need to check the autopsy report on Chu's stomach and see if there is residue of her organs reported to be found inside.

Weng said that he made a call to his friends in the media to ask them help search the scene for Huang's missing body parts last night. He then notified the chief detective that they were going to search for the missing limb. Finally at 2 a.m. this morning, they found her thigh 20 meters away from the flower garden where the other seven bags containing her remains had been buried.

New Taipei boxer who murdered his girlfriend may have eaten her entrails
Huang (left), Chu (right). (Images from Facebook)

Huang had last been seen alive eating lunch with Chu on May 20. Her brother tried to message his sister to warn her about Chu, but he never received a response, having lost contact with her on May 19.

After Huang had been missing for a week, her brother on May 26 announced on Facebook that he was searching for her, believing she was being held against her will by Chu. Huang was concerned for his sister's safety because Chu had committed acts of violence against his ex-wife and was convicted of drug offenses.

New Taipei boxer who murdered his girlfriend may have eaten her entrails
Chu (left), ex-wife and previous victim of his abuse (right). (Image from Breaking News Commune)

In evening of that same day, Chu responded on Facebook that he had never been mean or violent to Huang, much less hold her against her will. He said that over the past several days that she was missing, she was actually with him.

Next, he provided what might have been the motive for her murder by saying that she told him she used Tinder for one night stands and deceived him into thinking she was a virgin. He claims that once he found out that she was not a virgin and that she was continuing try to date other men, he wanted to break up with her.

Chu claimed that she pleaded with him to give her another chance to show that she had changed. He then ominously said that "in the end" she did not change, as she continued to chat online with other men, including foreigners.

After Huang's brother contacted police, they searched Chu's residence in New Taipei City's Banqiao District, but he was nowhere to be found and no one, including his family had been able to reach him for a number of days. Police then checked surveillance cameras inside his apartment stairwell and discovered Huang had last been seen climbing the stairs with Chu to enter his apartment on May 20.

When police reviewed surveillance footage from outside his building, Chu could be seen at 1 a.m. on May 22 carrying seven trash bags outside of his home and burying them in various locations in a nearby flower garden.

New Taipei boxer who murdered his girlfriend may have eaten her entrails
Latest bag found containing Huang's left thigh. (CNA image)

On May 27, police announced unearthing Huang's remains scattered in seven trash bags, which had been buried in a flower garden. At 5 a.m. on May 28, Chu was found to have hanged himself from a tree near the Ministry of Health and Welfare Hospital in Xinzhuang District.

Also hanging from the tree was a bag of items with a suicide note that included the message "she wronged me" (她對不起我), which immediately raised alarm for investigators at the scene.

New Taipei boxer who murdered his girlfriend may have eaten her entrails
Knife suspected of being used to kill and cut up Huang. (CNA image)

Updated : 2021-03-07 11:39 GMT+08:00