Taiwan’s top universities under investigation for substandard English course offerings

English-taught courses are less than 10% at NTU, Cheng Kung, Tsinghua, and Jiaotong Universities, spurring an investigation by the Control Yuan


(Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)— Peter Chang (張武修), Commissioner of the National Supervisory Commission of the Control Yuan, said on May 30 that National Taiwan University, Chenggong University, Tsinghua University, and Jiaotong University, four of Taiwan's top-ranked national universities, do not meet the minimum criteria for English course offerings.

Although, they have been offering English course for years, the total proportions of English taught courses in these four universities is less than 10 percent of total courses offered, and will therefore automatically be investigated.

Ministry of Education (MOE) has also provided large sums of educational funds in the past to these universities. Since 2007, it has promoted the “Higher Education Programs,” which has included a budget of NT$4 billion in funding for the four universities.

Chang has said that they will investigate how the ratios of the four universities were calculated by the MOE and what efforts the schools are taking to improve the environment for teaching English. They will also look at the reason why the proportions of the English teaching of the four universities is less than ten percent.

In addition, they will examine whether the teaching staff and environment of the English language classes are adequate and complete, and whether or not the school has established international exchange courses or other related facilities or programs.