Photo of the Day: Crayfish's daring escape from spicy hotpot in China

Taiwanese netizens amazed by courageous crayfish in China who managed to cheat death from spicy hotpot by sacrificing claw

Crayfish escapes spicy stew. (Screenshot from Facebook group 抖音)

Crayfish escapes spicy stew. (Screenshot from Facebook group 抖音)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Netizens in Taiwan and China have become captivated by a video showing a courageous crayfish sacrificing his claw to escape from a boiling cauldron of spicy hotpot.

On May 28, a user of Weibo (China's version of Twitter) who goes by the handle "Jiuke" (九可) posted a video taken from a trip to a hotpot restaurant in China. Jiuke ordered a big serving of live crayfish to be boiled in a giant bowl of spicy hotpot.

To Jiuke's amazement, as they tossed the crayfish into the boiling water, one scrappy crawdad had a strong will to survive and clambered out of the cauldron and made it to the outside edge, save for its left claw, which was still caught in the deadly stew.

The crayfish then managed to use its right claw to detach its left claw and was finally free to fight another day.

Crayfish uses right claw to detach left claw. (Screenshot from Facebook page 抖音)

After removing claw, crayfish finally free from deadly broth. (Screenshot from Facebook page 抖音)

Despite generally being avid seafood lovers, Taiwanese netizens were sympathetic to the courageous crustacean's plight:

"Let him go."

"Surprisingly, he was able to give up one of his hands."

"Let this one go! Don't eat him, seeing how hard he's trying to survive."

"The warrior broke off his arm."

In response to concern by netizens for the well-being of the creature, Jiuke said, "I let him live, I already took him home and am raising him in an aquarium."

Though many netizens were astonished by what seemed to be an incredible sacrifice, crayfish can actually lose their claws multiple times and they will usually grow back in most circumstances, though it may take a few molts to return to their original size.