10 warning signs of a toxic relationship: Taiwanese divorce lawyer

Several Taiwanese women killed by their partners in just a week; expert points out signs you're in a dangerous relationship

(Image credit: Hibr/ flickr)

(Image credit: Hibr/ flickr)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Following a boxer dismembering his 27-year-old girl friend in New Taipei City, another man reportedly stabbed his 26-year-old ex-girlfriend, also a popular 17-Media streamer, to death in Taipei City. A lawyer indicates 10 warning signs of a dangerous relationship.

A romantic relationship is great when it is healthy one, but when it goes wrong it can go completely wrong. Many people find themselves staying in toxic relationships too late. It is best to learn the warning signs to either avoid entering a dangerous relationship or to get out of one.

Influential Taiwanese divorce lawyer Lu Chiu-yuan (呂秋遠) on Monday listed 10 warning signs of a bad relationship:

1. Partner would abuse pets, easily get upset and throw objects.

2. Partner is overly controlling, possessive, and micromanages everything. Such a person wants to take charge of partner's schedule and decides when their partner can leave/return home.

3. Partner cannot cope with frustration and can be highly emotional and agitated.

4. Says "I do it because I love you" after person does something bad to their partner.

5. Partner is too focused on the romantic relationship without contacting family and friends, and that might affect their ability to keep a job.

6. Lack of sympathy and compassion for the other.

7. Partner would think he/she is always right and easily blames others when things go wrong. Resent others if they do not do as they wish.

8. Person tends to humiliate and degrade whatever partner does, sometimes with verbal abuse.

9. An overly jealous person might check all partner's social media conversations, text messages, emails, or phone calls. Does not allow partner to talk to friends of the opposite sex.

10. Record of domestic violence.

Lu says on his FB post that a toxic partner is selfish, and urges women to stay away from partners matching one of the above-mentioned descriptions.

"If your partner physically abuses you, please leave, or file for a domestic violence protection order if needed," added the divorce lawyer.