New Taipei Boxer Murder: man had a history of abusing women, criminal record in the USA

One netizen, claiming to be the sibling of the murderer's wife, shared info on the criminal history of murderer Gary Chu

The murderer, and a woman purported to be his wife, and a previous victim of his abuse (Images shared on 爆料公社)

The murderer, and a woman purported to be his wife, and a previous victim of his abuse (Images shared on 爆料公社)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – More information on the perpetrator in a brutal murder has come to light following the discovery of the body on May 28.

The man whose English name is Gary Chu, was raised and educated in the United States where he also trained in MMA and was married. He reportedly had a criminal record in the U.S.A. for bank robbery and had a tendency to become violent and abusive.

The 28 year old man’s suicide note, found next to his hanging body, led police officers to discover the dismembered body of the 27 year old woman, surnamed Huang (黃), in New Taipei on Monday morning.

When officers investigated the premise of Zhu’s home in Banqiao District, they discovered the dismembered body parts buried in seven different bags in a small garden area behind the residence.

New information came to light on the internet site Baoliao Gongshe (爆料公社) concerning Chu’s history, when a user reported that their sister was married to Chu, and had suffered physical abuse during the relationship.

The forum user posted photos of a woman with a seriously bruised arm, and said it was from domestic abuse suffered by Chu, a very strong athlete who trained in MMA and reportedly worked in a New Taipei gym.

The netizen also claimed that in conversation with the battered spouse, Chu claimed to have a criminal record in the United States for supposedly robbing a bank. The account by the netizen said that Chu’s affluent mother paid an incredible amount of money to have the sentence suspended, and once released Chu soon fled to Taiwan.

The user then claims that once he settled in Taiwan, Chu began importing Marijuana into Taiwan, reportedly through the mail, but was eventually caught by Taiwanese customs and arrested. He may have been awaiting sentencing in his drug smuggling case when he met Huang, and the murder occurred.

It is thought that Huang may have been held at Chu’s residence for several days, without being able to leave before the murder took place. However, police are still investigating to determine a precise timeline of events and to better understand the details of the case.

Updated : 2021-03-09 09:40 GMT+08:00