Honduras denies rumors of talks with Beijing on cutting ties with Taiwan

Honduras denies online rumors that its foreign minister has been negotiating with Beijing on severing ties with Taiwan

Map of Central America.

Map of Central America.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Honduras yesterday (May 27) denied rumors that its foreign minister was in Beijing negotiating a deal with China on cutting ties with Taiwan, reported CNA.

Hot on the heels of Burkina Faso's severing of diplomatic ties with Taiwan last week, a Taiwanese user of the online forum PTT who goes by the handle "longyin" started a rumor that the Honduras foreign minister was in Beijing discussing conditions on breaking relations with Taiwan within the next two days. He added that Haiti's foreign minister will then be the next in line to be called to Beijing to discuss the terms of cutting ties with Taiwan.

In response to questions by reporters regarding the rumor, Honduran ambassador to Taiwan, Rafa Sierra, yesterday said that the Honduras Foreign Minister Maria Dolores Aguero is actually in her own country and that Taiwan-Honduras relations are stable.

Meanwhile, Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Andrew Lee (李憲章) yesterday morning said that relations with Taiwan's Latin American and Caribbean allies are stable and that no foreign ministers from these countries are currently in Beijing. Lee urged the public not to listen to hearsay or spread false rumors.