FamilyMart shopper buys NT$20 bottled water, wins NT$10 million Taiwan receipt lottery jackpot

FamilyMart customer buys bottled water for NT$20, wins NT$10 million Taiwan uniform invoice special prize

(Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A customer purchased bottled water at for NT$20 (US$0.66) at a FamilyMart convenience store in Taichung and came away with the NT$10 million Taiwan receipt lottery special prize, four other lucky winners bought items at convenience stores as well, reported CNA.

On May 25, the winning number for the NT$10 million special prize for the March-April round of the Taiwan receipt lottery, also known as the uniform invoice lottery, was announced to be 12342126, while the winning number for the NT$2 million grand prize was reported to be 80740977.

Of the five receipts which won the special prize, two were issued at FamilyMart stores and three were 7-Eleven stores. One winner purchased a razor for NT$79 at a shop in Yuanlin in Changhua County, while the other winner purchased bottled water for a mere NT$20 at the Jianmin store in Taichung.

The other three special prize jackpot winning receipts issued at 7-Eleven convenience stores included a large purchase of NT$9,038 in Hsinchu County's Xinfeng Township, a purchase of NT$169 in Kaohsiung's Zuoying District, and a purchase of NT$135 in New Taipei City's Wugu District.

As for the NT$2 million grand prize, a lucky winner in Taoyuan's Guishan District bought a daily necessity and drink at a 7-Eleven for NT$70. A FamilyMart customer in Chiayi spent only NT$10 on a tiny bottle of Yakult and also took away the NT$2 million grand prize.