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Champions League Winners

Champions League Winners

1956_Real Madrid (Spain)

1957_Real Madrid (Spain)

1958_Real Madrid (Spain)

1959_Real Madrid (Spain)

1960_Real Madrid (Spain)

1961_Benfica (Portugal)

1962_Benfica (Portugal)

1963_AC Milan (Italy)

1964_Inter Milan (Italy)

1965_Inter Milan (Italy)

1966_Real Madrid (Spain)

1967_Celtic (Scotland)

1968_Manchester United (England)

1969_AC Milan (Italy)

1970_Feyenoord (Netherlands)

1971_Ajax (Netherlands)

1972_Ajax (Netherlands)

1973_Ajax (Netherlands)

1974_Bayern Munich (West Germany)

1975_Bayern Munich (West Germany)

1976_Bayern Munich (West Germany)

1977_Liverpool (England)

1978_Liverpool (England)

1979_Nottingham Forest (England)

1980_Nottingham Forest (England)

1981_Liverpool (England)

1982_Aston Villa (England)

1983_SV Hamburg (West Germany)

1984_Liverpool (England)

1985_Juventus (Italy)

1986_Steaua Bucharest (Romania)

1987_FC Porto (Portugal)

1988_PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands)

1989_AC Milan (Italy)

1990_AC Milan (Italy)

1991_Red Star Belgrade (Yugoslavia)

1992_Barcelona (Spain)

1993_Marseille (France)

1994_AC Milan (Italy)

1995_Ajax (Netherlands)

1996_Juventus (Italy)

1997_Borussia Dortmund (Germany)

1998_Real Madrid (Spain)

1999_Manchester United (England)

2000_Real Madrid (Spain)

2001_Bayern Munich (Germany)

2002_Real Madrid (Spain)

2003_AC Milan (Italy)

2004_FC Porto (Portugal)

2005_Liverpool (England)

2006_Barcelona (Spain)

2007_AC Milan (Italy)

2008_Manchester United (England)

2009_Barcelona (Spain)

2010_Inter Milan (Italy)

2011_Barcelona (Spain)

2012_Chelsea (England)

2013_Bayern Munich (Germany)

2014_Real Madrid (Spain)

2015_Barcelona (Spain)

2016_Real Madrid (Spain)

2017_Real Madrid (Spain)

2018_Real Madrid (Spain)

NOTE: European Cup to 1992, Champions League from 1993.

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