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US Senators introduce 'Taiwan International Participation Act' of 2018

The TIPA legislation would aim to increase Taiwan's participation in international organizations, and would be another step forward in revitalized diplomatic relations between the Washington and Taipei

The US Capitol Building

The US Capitol Building (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Republican Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado, and Democrat Senator Edward J. Markey announced a new legislative act on Friday May 25 entitled the “Taiwan International Participation Act of 2018” (TIPA) that will be heading to the US Senate.

The Press Release announced that in response to “unprecedented pressure” from China, TIPA will be introduced to ensure that Taiwan’s role on the world stage is not diminished by China.

Gardner was quoted as saying that “the United states has an obligation to do everything it can to strengthen Taiwan’s international standing” and that the act would “help ensure that major international organizations do not turn a blind eye to our ally Taiwan simply because of China’s bullying tactics.”

Similar legislation has been proposed in the past, which seeks to have the U.S. State Department take a more active role in promoting Taiwan’s participation in international organizations.

Markey is quoted as saying that the U.S. has “a broader responsibility to our allies and partners to ensure coercion does not become the norm in the Indo-Pacific and beyond.”

The act aims to see Taiwan gain access to, and be able to participate in organizations such as the Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), and the World Health Organization (WHO), which recently excluded Taiwan from the annual World Health Assembly at the behest of China.

The TIPA legislation would also urge U.S. representatives in international organizations and forums to use their vote and their influence to support Taiwan’s inclusion and interests in international affairs.

The U.S. President and those in the Executive Branch of government working under his authority would also be directed by the legislation increase Taiwan’s participation in all appropriate engagements and negotiations with China, according to the Press Release.

US Senators introduce 'Taiwan International Participation Act' of 2018
Senator Edward Markey (left) and Senator Cory Gardner (right) (Wikimedia Images)

The Taiwan International Participation Act, if passed, would be another major milestone in what has been a year of quickly transforming diplomatic relations between Taiwan and the U.S.A.

Following the passage of the Taiwan Travel Act in March, many in Taiwan and the U.S.A. are eager to see increased dialogue between the leadership of the two countries.

Further, the opening of the new complex for the American Institute in Taiwan, the de-facto U.S. Embassy in Taiwan, which is scheduled for mid-June, will also be a major milestone in the revitalization of diplomatic relations between Washington and Taipei.