Only 18 out of 44 airlines bow to China's demands to alter Taiwan's designation

A majority of the airlines had not altered Taiwan's designation as the May 25 deadline passed

photo courtesy of pxhere

photo courtesy of pxhere

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—On April 25, China’s civil aviation administration sent letters to 44 airlines requesting they modify their websites and advertising materials, removing any suggestions that Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong are independent of China.

On Friday May 25, China’s aviation regulator announced that only 18 out of 44 airlines had changed their designation of Taiwan on their webpages to suggest it was a Chinese territory, reports Reuters.

The original letter said the deadline was May 25 for the airlines to comply with the demanded changes.

However as the deadline of May 25 has passed, more than half of the airline companies had not complied with China’s demands to change how they refer to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau on their websites.

Most of the airlines have yet to comply to China’s demands. British Airways, Lufthansa, and Air Canada are some of the airlines that have made changes to their website descriptions, according to Reuters.

The Taiwanese foreign ministry asked Air Canada to quickly undo the changes, and correct the description after complying with China’s demands.

China's aviation regulator said some of the 26 airlines have requested more time to comply while other have promised to meet a new deadline of July 25. The Chinese authorities have granted Australian airline Qantas Airways more time, the airlines said on Thursday.

Reportedly in the letter sent to the airlines, China threatened that those companies who do not comply would be referred to the "relevant cyber authorities" for punitive action.

The 18 airlines that have to date complied with Beijing's wishes are below: