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Wu Feng tries to survive on NT$100 for one day in Taipei

Turkish-Taiwanese entertainer Wu Feng (吳鳳) tries to eat three meals with just NT$100 over the course of one day in Taipei

Screenshot from Wufeng's video.

Screenshot from Wufeng's video.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- To help raise awareness of disadvantaged families in Taiwan, Turkish TV show host Ugur Rifat Karlova, better known as Wu Feng (吳鳳), posted a video on Tuesday (May 22) showing himself trying to purchase three meals over the course of a day in Taipei with only NT$100 (US$3.33).

In order to demonstrate the hardships many impoverished families in Taiwan endure, Wu Feng posted a video on Tuesday on Facebook and YouTube showing himself trying to survive an entire day with only NT$100. According to a report by titled "2018 Vulnerable Family Diet and Housing Difficulties Survey" (2018年弱勢家庭飲食,住宅困境調查), nearly 60 percent of poor families in Taiwan are underfed each day.

First, for breakfast, Wu Feng bought a rice ball (飯糰) for NT$35, but was unable to purchase a drink because it would quickly break his budget. For lunch, Wu Feng found a shop selling scallion cakes (蔥油餅), which could run as high as NT$50 for extra ingredients, so he opted for the plain version at NT$25, again, no drink was an option for his budget.

By the afternoon, Wu Feng was becoming badly dehydrated in the 35 degree Celsius heat, so he took a plastic bottle and filled it up with water from a nearby school. For dinner, with only NT$40 left, Wu Feng chose to use the very last bit of spare change buy a bowl of hot dry noodles.

Wu Feng concluded that this was a very harsh way to survive as the food had low nutritional value and his budget did not leave him enough money to purchase fruits or vegetables. He also imagined that this would quickly start to have a negative effect on his body and mental outlook.