Taiwanese vigilantes beat confession out of man accused of raping suicidal teen

After 16-year-old Taiwanese girl leaps to her death, man accused of raping her is beaten on camera to confess to his crimes

Hsieh confessing on video. (Image from 黑色豪門企業 Facebook)

Hsieh confessing on video. (Image from 黑色豪門企業 Facebook)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A day after a 16-year-old teenage girl committed suicide by leaping off the ninth floor of an apartment building in New Taipei City, video has surfaced of the man who allegedly raped her being beaten by vigilantes into giving a forced confession on camera.

At 7 a.m. yesterday morning (May 22), police received a report that a 16-year-old girl surnamed Chen (陳), who had just completed the Comprehensive Assessment Program for Junior High School Students, had leaped from the top floor of a nine story apartment in New Taipei City's Banqiao District. Chen. The rooftop that she jumped from was part of a classmate's apartment building where she was staying on Changjiang Road.

Prior to her death, Chen told her friend that two days previously she had gone to visit the home of a 20-year-old male friend surnamed Hsieh (謝) in New Taipei City's Luzhou District. However, Chen said that Hsieh sexually assaulted her and her friend suspects that this may be the reason she chose to take her own life.

Last night on the Facebook page Heise Haomen Enterprises (黑色豪門企業) a video surfaced of being beaten by vigilantes with a bloodied Hsieh "confessing" "I raped another person, causing a person to die!" This was followed by kicks to the body, slaps to the head, and even blows delivered by what appears to be a metal rod to Hsieh's head and body.

Hsieh saying "I caused a person to die." (Image from Facebook page 黑色豪門企業)

Hsieh's shirt appears to have been slashed with a sharp blade. Men can be seen yelling at him, slapping him and kicking him. At one point, as the men curse at him, he is kicked as crouches in a kneeling position, causing him to roll down an slope.

After repeatedly kicking him down the slope, one of the men sarcastically asks, "You dare to rape others, but you can't even stand up on this?" At another point in the video, Hsieh holds a smartphone to his face and says, "I raped someone, and then I caused them to lose their life!"

In order to avoid criminal responsibility, one of his tormentors can be heard saying "You you willingly came here today on your own, right?" With his lips swollen and bleeding from repeated beating, Hsieh says, "Yes, I voluntarily came here."

(Image from Facebook page 黑色豪門企業)

Then the man holding the video camera said, "Are you going to the police department and sue us? Huh?" Hsieh then obediently responded, "I won't!"

Also in the video Hsieh apologizes to Chen's friends, family and those concerned for her and the then apologizes to his parents. When asked why he did such a thing, Hsieh is silent at first, but after being slapped in the face, Hsieh says, "I'm rotten."

The men then strike Hsieh again and he instinctively tries to dodge the blows. Then a man angrily says "you're trying to dodge?" In response, Hsieh says, "the mistake was that I was thinking with my lower body."

(Image from Facebook page 黑色豪門企業)

The interrogator seems dissatisfied with this confession by Hsieh and takes out a metal rod that appears to be a baseball bat and beats Hsieh with it.

Taipei City's Luzhou Precinct Police said that they have already begun an investigation and although Hsieh is declining to press charges, police have apprehended four men for questioning on suspicion of offenses against personal liberty. Police say that the four will be handled in accordance with the law.

After being questioned by police about the incident, Hsieh said that he received a phone call from his home in Luzhou from a man who said he want to talk to him about the sexual assault he allegedly committed on Chen. He found that a group of men were waiting downstairs and they took him directly to a flood control channel in New Taipei City and it was there that he was beaten.

( Image from Facebook page 黑色豪門企業)