Taiwanese woman conquers world's 4th highest peak  

Taiwanese 'climbing beauty' Chan Chiao-yu reaches Mt. Lhotse summit, 8,516 m


Chan Chiao-yu is proud to be the first Taiwanese woman to reach the top of Mt. Lhotse. (Image from Tri - Fish Facebook)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — On May 16 Taiwanese performer, Chan Chiao-yu (詹喬愉), became the first Taiwanese woman to reach the top of the fourth tallest summit in the world, Mt. Lhotse.

The summit of Mt. Lhotse is on the border of Tibet and Nepal and is 8,516 meters (27,904 feet) above sea level.

(Image from Tri - Fish Facebook) 

The first Taiwanese to reach the summit of Mt. Lhotse was Lee Hsiao-shi (李小石) in 2013, however during the descent he became exhausted and fell into a coma, unfortunately losing his life. 

(Image from Tri - Fish Facebook) 

Upon descending the mountain safely Chan said:

"I'd like to thank my father and mother for helping me practice, I know you worry about me, but thank you both for never stopping me from moving forward. I'm really happy right now, though I really want to eat douhua, tarot balls, chicken rice, and an all-you-can-eat hot pot." 

(Image from Tri - Fish Facebook) 

While not highly active in show business, Chan is more proud to be successful in a sport that few women are, reported China Times. Chan's background in martial arts and Taekwondo as well as in search and rescue missions helped her training.

(Image from Tri - Fish Facebook) 

Chan's interest in climbing has only intensified. Last year she climbed mountains in the Uighur autonomous region as well as Yunnan province in China, and now Chan looks to writing about her accomplishments and experience.