82% of Taiwanese workers have interest in becoming a ‘slashie’: survey

Majority of Taiwanese workers are interested in becoming a 'slashie'


TAIPEI (Taiwan) – An astonishing 82.4 percent of young Taiwanese professionals revealed that they have interest in becoming a "slashie" with the prominent reason being money-making, according to a recent survey conducted by Yes123 online job bank.

In contrast to an employee who stuck with one career path for most of their life, a "slashie" is a person of many passions and is highly motivated to grab various employment opportunities, often in different industries. It is a popular phenomenon among millennials and is becoming a growing percentage of the workforce, according to The Huffington Post.

The survey found that 65 percent of correspondents who have full-time jobs said they had previously engaged in different positions or worked at other departments while still being on duty. Meanwhile, 43.2 percent said that they worked two part-time jobs while seeking a full-time job. And 32.2 percent said that they had more than two part-time jobs at the same time.

Regarding the reasons for having multiple jobs, a majority of correspondents said they wanted to earn more money and some expected to make up to NT$1 million (US$33,400) per year. Meanwhile, other leading answers are the flexibility of working hours, the inspiration to do multiples jobs, an eagerness to gain different skills, and a backup plan to avoid unemployment.

As for the most ideal jobs for a slashie, blogger ranked no.1 with around 32.1 percent of respondents, while Youtuber (29.9 percent), online store owners (27.9 percent), online authors (26.3) and art teacher (24.5) rounded out the top five.

The online survey, which received 2,248 responses from both job seekers and young professionals over the age of 20, was carried out between May 2 and May 15.