Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao to host 2018 Golden Melody Awards

The annual Golden Melody Awards is just around the corner

This image is taken by Mabel Neo

This image is taken by Mabel Neo

TAIPEI(Taiwan News) - Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao will host the 2018 Golden Melody Awards (GMA) on June 23 at the Taipei Arena.

At a press conference May 22, Jam said that he didn't "agree" to be the host but that the decision came about during a casual chat with his manager regarding the invitation to be a host. Once he saw his name on the wall, in big letters, stating that he is the GMA host, he felt prepared to take on the challenge of hosting.

Hsiao jokingly added that if he is not prepared after the rehearsals, he may hold another press conference to apologize to fans and the media.

When asked why he did not find a partner to co-host alongside, he said, "The reason is similar to why the GMA production team chose me. I am weird enough, but how could I find someone to join me to host the GMA?" Jam Hsiao even said that if anyone knew they were to be working with him, no one would want to be his co-host.

He hopes that if the atmosphere during the Award Ceremony is too tense the audience can give him a round of applause to lighten the atmosphere. Before the press conference ended, the GMA production played a video of well-wishes from Jam Hsiao's friends after they found out that Jam Hsiao will host the GMA. Singers including A-Lin, Show Luo (羅志祥), Wilber Pan (潘瑋柏), Yoga Lin (林宥嘉), and the previous hosts of the GMA, Jacky Wu(吳宗憲), Harlem Yu(庾澄慶), and Patty Hou(侯佩岑).