American man charged with sexual harassment molests 3 women in Taipei courthouse

American man charged with harassing women in Taipei, harasses and gropes 2 female cops, mother and college coed in Taipei courthouse

Suspect Joseph (center). (Image from Gangs of Tian Mu Facebook page)

Suspect Joseph (center). (Image from Gangs of Tian Mu Facebook page)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- An American man who was awaiting a hearing in a Taipei district court for acts of sexual harassment he allegedly committed on Jan. 4, he was reported to have again sexually harassed several women in the courthouse, resulting in his arrest.

Reportedly reeking of alcohol, a 36-year-old American man identified by his first name of "Joseph" appeared at the Shilin District Court at 8:40 a.m. yesterday (May 21) for a court hearing that was to take place at 9:10 a.m.

When Joseph arrived, he smiled lasciviously at a female police officer who was sitting behind a glass window and continued to lustily stare at her and laugh maniacally until she called for other police to help, reported China Times. Next, Joseph ran to a post office counter where he pressed his body against a mother's arm and introduced himself by saying, "Hey good morning, nice to meet you, I'm Tom."

The woman considered him to be a pervert and alerted the police to deal with him. Joseph then ran to the security check where he saw a female bailiff conducting security inspections on people entering the building. He then grabbed the woman's buttocks from behind, before running to the second floor of the courthouse as she immediately notified the district police department.

Joseph then hid outside the courthouse and when he saw a young college woman who was acting as an interpreter, he also grabbed her buttocks from behind. But as he tried to run away again, he was finally apprehended police who took him into custody.

It is understood that he has a long track record of sexual harassment committed after drinking for which he was being prosecuted by the Shilin Prosecutor's Office. On Jan. 4, Joseph was arrested for violating the Sexual Harassment Prevention Act after he reportedly groped the breasts and buttocks of a number of Taiwanese women walking down an alley next to a Zhongshan MRT Station exit in Taipei. His latest acts will be added to the existing list of charges for sexual harassment.

Prosecutors asked that the man remain in custody, but the judge ruled that he be released on NT$30,000 (UD$1,000) bail. However, as Joseph was unable to raise the funds for bail, he is still being detained.

Surveillance footage of Joseph accosting a woman in January.

Warning posted on Gangs of Tian Mu Facebook page warning people about the suspect's latest offenses committed at the courthouse:

Joseph (left). (Gangs of Tian Mu Facebook page)