Police stop street dog scam in Taipei City

Chen is suspected to have mistreated dogs



TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taipei Police Department recently detained a woman accused of illicit fundraising and dog abuse around the Xinyi Shopping Area.

Starting in April, a 42-year-old woman surnamed Chen was spotted around Songgao shopping street and Xingya Street with several dogs, soliciting money from pedestrians to "rescue stray dogs". However, police received reports that Chen had been abusing the dogs, which led them to check for her official documents, according to local news reports.

Under police inquiry, Chen submitted a document issued by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, which was later confirmed to be a counterfeit. Despite police questioning, she insisted that her acts were "raising fundraise to rescue stray dogs."

Chen was then accused of forgery and sent to Taipei District Prosecutors Office for further investigation.