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'Metal Politics Taiwan' documentary to screen in Taipei

Film chronicles unique career of Taiwanese rock star Freddy Lim and his pursuit of a seat in Taiwan’s legislature

(Photo courtesy of David Frazier)

(Photo courtesy of David Frazier)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – "Metal Politics Taiwan," a documentary about Taiwanese rock star and Taiwan's legislator Freddy Lim, is going to be screened for two days at the 2018 Urban Nomad Film Fest.

The first screenings of the film in the featured politician's home city of Taipei will be held on May 21 and May 26 at Wonderful Theater in Ximen.

"Metal Politics Taiwan," directed by German filmmaker Macro Wilms, presents the political journey of Freddy Lim (林昶佐) from a death metal rock star to an active member of Taiwan's legislature.

First rising to fame because of his death metal makeup and a rasping scream, Lim seamlessly transformed into a formal lawmaker with a black suit and ponytail. This contrast between Lim's presence on stage and the Legislative Yuan will be seen in the 90-minute video.

Freddy Lim is the lead vocalist of the Taiwanese heavy metal bands Chthonic and Metal Clone X. He was the chairman of the human rights organization Amnesty International Taiwan from 2010 to 2014.

In 2015, Lim founded the New Power Party, which supports Taiwan Independence. In 2016, he ran for and won a seat in the Legislative Yuan.

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