Cosplay artist dons Taiwan military garb, upsets Ministry  

Civilian woman fined NT$500 for posing in Taiwan military uniform 


Momo cat in violation of military uniform regulation. (Image from Momo cat Facebook fan page)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — After the Momo cat Facebook fan page posted provocative photos of the Cosplay artist wearing a Taiwan military uniform, representatives from the Ministry of National Defense issued legal complaints against the photos.

The administrators of the Momo cat Facebook fan page quickly removed the offending images from the page. 

(Image from Momo cat Facebook fan page) 

Ministry spokesperson, Chen Chong-chi (陳中吉), said the Ministry was displeased to see a civilian wearing a military uniform and felt that Momo cat's actions violated the Armed Forces Uniforms Act (陸海空軍軍服條例) as well as article 159 of the Offense of Interference with Public Order (妨害秩序罪 ), in which a citizen publicly and falsely wears a military uniform, badge, or rank. The fine for these offenses is NT$500 (US$17).

The Cosplay photos posted on Momo cat's Facebook fan page showed her dressed in a military uniform and high heels posing on a military obstacle course in Taoyuan. Momo cat sat on a tank, climbed a pole, sprawled across a wooden beam and more; however the photos were ordered to be taken down, according to LTN.