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Namie Amuro's last overseas concert in Taiwan

Thank you Namie Amuro

Namie Amuro's last overseas concert in Taiwan

TAIPEI(Taiwan News) - Japanese pop diva Namie Amuro performed her last overseas concert in Taiwan at the Taipei Arena over the weekend on May 19 and May 20.

The two-day, Taipei performance of Amuro's show "Namie Amuro Final tour 2018 ~Finally~ in Asia" concluded her Asia tour. She will retire September 16, 2018 on her 40th birthday.

Namie Amuro is very popular in Taiwan. Concert tickets sold out within three minutes after being listed by the ticketing company, Super Dome (超級圓頂). Those unable to purchase tickets online lined up outside the Taipei Arena for two days in hopes of snagging a ticket.

While some diehard fans successfully purchased a ticket at the same or slightly higher price as retailed, others were not as lucky. The ticketless lingered outside of the Arena to hear Amuro's songs drifting out into the night.

For the last overseas concert held by Namie Amuro, scalpers jacked up ticket prices, charging as much as NT$150,000 (US$5,011) for an NT$5,800 (US$194) ticket, according to the online forum PTT.

Namie Amuro's last overseas concert in Taiwan

Amuro opened the concert with "Hero," bringing fans to tears. She also sang many of her most popular songs including "Baby Don't Cry," "What a Feeling," "Showtime," "A Walk in the Park," and "Can You Celebrate."

During the encore, she sang the theme song for the famous Japanese manga, "One Piece - Hope." As she sang "How Do You Feel Now," the screen behind her played a montage of Amuro over the past years in the music industry. After the encore, she thanked the fans for supporting her over the past 25 years, and hopes that everyone will be well.

Fans of Namie Amuro shared her thoughts after the concert saying, "When she started to sing "Hero," I was very excited because I never thought I'd get a chance to hear her sing this song live. I started to think back about memories when I was much younger in my student days upon hearing the song "Love Story." I started crying when I heard the prelude of the song "Sweet 19 Blues," and finally stopped crying when Amuro finish singing the song "Can You Celebrate." It's like bidding farewell to my youth; we can only look back on those days."

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