Chinese student claims to be sent home after threatening to kill Taiwanese classmates in Australia

The student is outspoken on social media


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - A Chinese student studying in Armidale, Australia, recently claimed on her Facebook page that she was forced to drop out of school because of 'a joke' to kill several Taiwanese students in the same college for their pro-Taiwan independence statement and their assertion of Taiwanese identity.

The Facebook user, who goes by her Facebook name C. N. Hsu, said she had been forced to drop out of her school and is going to return to the place ruled by the Chinese Communist Party for a joke to kill her fellow Taiwanese students advocating the independence of the island country and not identifying themselves as Chinese, reported Liberty Times

The posts, however, were mostly done in traditional Chinese characters, which is used in the island country, instead of the simplified characters adopted in China.

According to C. N. Hus's FB bio, she is studying at the University of New England, Armidale, and came from Nanjing, China. She contradictorily describes herself as a councilperson of the Chinese Nationalist Party in Australia. She even had an odd statement saying that she "doesn't want to go back to the country ruled by the Chinese Communist Party where access to Facebook, Google, YouTube, IG, Twitter, and Tumblr is banned."

(snapshot image of C. N. Hsu FB page)

Hsu claimed on a FB post on Sunday that she has yet to be sent back to China, and is living with her mom in Australia.

Taiwan News has been trying to reach her school for comment but has yet to receive a reply at the time of publication.