Seven NT$10 million special prize receipts yet to be claimed for Taiwan receipt lottery

One of the winning special prize receipts was a NT$35 purchase of a male urine pot at a MedFirst store in Tainan


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A total of 15 receipts carry the winning numbers for the NT$10 million (US$334,000) special prize from the January to February period, but there are still up to seven winning receipts yet to be claimed as of Saturday, May 19, according to the Ministry of Finance (MOF).

Also for the January-February draw, there are two winning receipts for the NT$2 million grand prize that have yet to be redeemed. The ministry reminds prize winners to come forward to claim their winnings prior to its expiration date, July 5, 2018, or the money will be forfeited.

According to MOF, the winning special prize receipts included a NT$19 purchase of Wang Wang Senbei Cracker (旺旺仙貝) at a 7-Eleven in New Taipei City's Banqiao District, a NT$350 food purchase at a PXMart store in Taichung's Dadu District, a NT$40 purchase of Coca-Cola Zero at a McDonald's restaurant in Nantou's Puli Township, and a NT$58 purchase of food at a 7-Eleven in Changhua's Yuanlin Township.

The other three winning special prize receipts were a NT$35 purchase of a male urine pot at a MedFirst store inside the National Cheng Kung University Hospital, a NT$1,626 food and grocery purchase at a Carrefour store in Kaohsiung's Nanzih District, and a NT$25 purchase of tuna onigiri at a 7-Eleven of THSR Zuoying Station in Kaohsiung.

As for the two unclaimed grand prize winning receipts, one was a purchase of NT$300 ticket for the 2018 Taipei Auto Show, and the other was a NT$75 parking ticket at Inan168 Parking in Taipei City's Zhongshan District.

Announced on March 25, the Taiwan receipt lottery winning number for the NT$10 million speical prize for January-February, also known as the uniform invoice lottery, is 21735266.

The winning number for the NT$2 million grand prize is 91874254.

The winning numbers for the First Prize are 56065209, 05739340, and 69001612. If all the digits on your receipt match any of the three numbers just mentioned in the right order, you have won NT$200,000.

If you have the last seven digits in the right order, you can receive NT$40,000 (US$1,300); if you have the final six digits, you will receive NT$10,000, and if the last five digits are the same, then the prize is NT$4,000

With the four final digits in the right order, the holder of the uniform invoice can receive NT$1,000 and with the three last numbers right, NT$200.

As for additional prizes, there are two numbers this time: 591 and 342. The last three digits of receipts with one of these two numbers will garner a NT$200 prize.

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