Deadly brawl erupts aboard Taiwan fishing boat

Indonesian man throws shipmate over board following a knife fight on Taiwan fishing boat

"Ming Maan Shang No. 38" fishing boat (Image from Liuchiu Fishing Association)

"Ming Maan Shang No. 38" fishing boat (Image from Liuchiu Fishing Association)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — This morning the coast guard dispatched a rescue team to apprehend a murderous fisherman aboard a Pintung fishing boat after receiving reports of a deadly knife fight.

A fight broke out on the "Ming Maan Shang Number 38" boat (明滿祥38號) between two Indonesian fisherman while at sea. The two men argued and then exchange knife blows until one man threw the other overboard, according to LTN.

The man thrown overboard is still missing.

The ship captain reported the incident to the coast guard, fearful for the safety of the remaining 10 crew members. The captain fears further conflict between the Indonesian and Taiwanese crew members so instead of following international marine protocol, searching the area where the man went missing for three days, he requested the coast guard board the ship to ensure the crew's safety and accompany them back to Taiwan.

The Taiwan coast guard dispatched a rescue ship to "No. 38's" location near Guam at 2 a.m. this morning and is expected to arrive by May 23. The accused man will first be isolated then the coast guard will escort the crew home.