Amendment allowing HIV-positive organ transplants passed

Taiwan to legalize organ donations by HIV-positive...

Taiwan to legalize organ donations by HIV-positive... (AP photo)

TAIPEI (CNA) - The Legislature on Friday passed into law an amendment that allows HIV-positive individuals to donate organs to HIV-positive patients in need, ending an existing ban on people who test positive for the virus from donating their organs.

The Legislative Yuan's decision to pass the amendment to the HIV Infection Control and Patient Rights Protection Act gives HIV-positive patients the choice to give their consent to receiving organs from a donor with HIV.

The amendment took into account the loosening of regulations regarding HIV-positive organ donors internationally and found precedent in domestic rules that allow individuals with hepatitis B and C to donate their organs to others with those diseases.

In a previous interview, Health and Welfare Minister Chen Shih-chung said passing the amendment could help address the shortage of organs available for transplants in Taiwan without contributing to the spread of HIV. (By Wang Cheng-chung and Kuan-lin Liu)