Photo of the Day: Northern Taiwan's Keelung Islet looks like shark

Northern Taiwan's Keelung Islet, which is slated to reopen to tourism in July, looks like a shark from above

Keelung Islet resembles shark.

Keelung Islet resembles shark. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- As the city of Keelung prepares to reopen Keelung Islet to tourists in July, it has released an aerial photo of the island that makes it appear to look like a shark, reported CNA.

In 2013, Keelung Islet's peer was destroyed by Typhoon Soulik and thus the island become closed to visitors as repairs were carried out on the facility. A little over a year later in August of 2014, just after repairs had been nearly completed, the periphery of another typhoon struck the island, cracking the wharf and washing away many of the wave-dissipating blocks, forcing the government to close down the island again.

After three years of renovations, Keelung Islet, also known as "Taiwan's Dragon Pearl," is finally scheduled to be open sightseeing by the end of July.

On May 12, the island was briefly opened to visitors to take photos and it was on that day that Keelung City Government News Chief Hsieh Chih-huang (謝志煌) captured an aerial photo of the island from overhead with a drone that it first became apparent that the island resembles a shark.

In an interview with CNA, Hsieh that the day that the photo was taken, there were a number of small boats docked at the pier in rows, which gave the appearance of rows of shark teeth.

Hsieh said that once he posted the photo on Facebook later that day, may netizens felt that it resembles a shark and gave it the nickname "Shark Brother."

The "mouth" of the "shark" can be seen in lower center of photo. (CNA image)