South Korean celeb admits dating former Filipino president

Their dates involved snipers standing by on nearest buildings


Photo from Benigno Aquino III's Facebook account (left) and Grace Lee's Instagram account (right)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – South Korean expat Grace Lee, a TV news personality in the Philippines, has admitted to having dated the country's former president Benigno Aquino III.

Grace Lee, 36, whose Korean name is Lee Kyung-hee, revealed in the Korean talk show “Video Star” aired Tuesday that she and the 58-year-old Filipino president had been seeing each other for about four months in 2012, reported the Liberty Times.

The relationship had not been ripened enough to go public, she said, adding it had been an unusual experience going on dates with someone of such a highly-sensitive social status.

For example, security checks at restaurants were required prior to their dinner dates, which at times even involved measures to post “snipers” on the nearest buildings to ensure the safety of the country’s leader, according to Lee.

The short relationship ended abruptly after news broke out about the seemingly odd match, but Lee praised Benigno Aquino III for being a smart and kind person, with whom she still keeps in touch, the Liberty Times reported.