Taiwan's White Wood House Bakery to close within a week

Taiwan sweet shop White Wood House Bakery shuts down after 21 years


Its a bittersweet farewell for White Wood House. (Image from White Wood House Facebook page) 

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan's famous cake shop, White Wood House, announced at a press conference May 18 that the bakery will close down operations within a week due to financial deficit, leaving 190 people unemployed.

(Image from White Wood House Facebook page) 

King Yue Biological Technology Co. Ltd. (景岳生技), the owner of White Wood House, said that the bakery's revenue in 2017 was NT$172 million (US$5 million), comprising 31.2% of King Yue's overall revenue and indicating an NT$83 million operational deficit, according to UDN. 

This year's first quarter figures saw a revenue of NT$37 million, comprising 27.2% of King Yue's overall revenue and indicating a NT$23 million operational deficit. 

(Image from White Wood House Facebook page) 

Fearing that the deficit will only grow and the company will not be able to come back from it, the board of directors have decided to shut down operations of the cake shop. 

Currently there are 25 White Wood House locations around Taiwan, including 19 retail stores and six satellite shops as well as a White Wood House Discovery Gallery in Taoyuan.