Taiwan paratrooper regains consciousness after free falling 1,300 feet 

Army Command Headquarter video asks for prayers for injured paratrooper after his parachute failed to open 


The photo shows a parachute jump training the other day on May 3, 2018. (Image credit: Military News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -  An injured paratrooper regained consciousness this morning after his parachute failed to open during a routine jump Thursday morning, and he is now able to move his fingers and blink his eyes, according to Tungs' Taichung Metro Harbor Hospital. 

The Ministry of National Defense stated on Thursday that Commander Chin Liang-feng (秦良丰), a paratrooper of the Army Aviation Special Force Command, participated in a 6:00 am military drill rehearsal on Thursday, May 17. Chin failed to deploy his parachute nor his reserve parachute after jumping out of the C-130H transport plane.

Chin was in free-fall and fell to the ground from 1,300 feet high. He was immediately admitted to Tungs' Taichung Metro Harbor Hospital for emergency treatment. His original coma index improved from a level of 3 out of 14 to 8 on the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) Thursday afternoon. (Read More: Taiwan paratrooper injured in accident ahead of Han Kuang military exercise)

He is said to only be suffering from minor spinal injuries, a miracle after such a fall. 

The hospital said that Chin regained consciousness and his coma index improved to 11 out of 14. He can now blink his eyes to respond to questions and slightly wriggle his fingers. 

The Army Command Headquarters posted a video to Facebook on Friday calling for prayers and blessings for Chin in hopes that he can get well soon.