Taiwanese blogger posts steamy images of nude wife, reveals she's his cousin

Taiwanese netizens shocked that wife of blogger pictured nude in Japanese hot spring is also his first cousin

Blogger's wife Annie. (Image from (無敵小恩恩)

Blogger's wife Annie. (Image from (無敵小恩恩)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- After Taiwanese netizens were shocked when a Taiwanese blogger posted nude photos of his wife at a hot springs bath in Japan, they were aghast when he revealed that his wife is also his first cousin.

When writing about his family visit to the Japanese hot spring Arima Onsen in Kobe, Japan Taiwanese blogger Andy Tsai (無敵小恩恩) on Tuesday (May 15) shocked his followers by posting two photos of his voluptuous wife, Annie, seated in one of the baths fully nude. When netizens suggested that he should be more careful about editing the photos to cover her breasts, Andy responded with comments such as "It's beautiful, there's no need to fix it, "My wife said it's just a nipple. What do I need to be careful about," and "Everyone has areolas."

Tsai claimed that the photos were posted with the consent of both parties and that to those who said that the photos were inappropriate, he said that they were not pornographic in nature. He said that everyone was making too much of a fuss over a trivial matter and that they did not care about the criticism from trolls.

Controversial photo which originally exposed her right nipple. (Image from 無敵小恩恩)

In response to criticism that he was doing this to gain more traffic to his website, Tsai said "I don't lack traffic or money." His wife made comments in support of her husband such as "Don't be angry, it was meant to be innocent, but we failed," and "It's OK, I didn't mind."

Despite claiming to not care about web traffic, on his Twitter account this morning he proudly announced the 1.75 million hits his blog received after posting nude photos of his well-endowed wife.

Screenshot of Tsai's Twitter post.

Tsai then revealed that Annie was the daughter of his uncle, and therefore his first cousin. Tsai says he ran into Annie, who was his childhood friend, at their grandfather's birthday party in 2012, and they started making phone calls to each other.

He said in the beginning, her parents opposed their marriage, however he said that they persisted and after a "micro family revolution" her family eventually accepted their union.

Blogger's wife Annie. (無敵小恩恩)

Tsai said that because Taiwanese law does not permit close relatives to wed, they had to register their marriage overseas, and have never registered in Taiwan.

In response to concerns from netizens that their children might suffer birth defects because they are so closely related, Tsai admitted that they had the same concern, but after multiple tests on both children were carried out by physicians, he claims that the they are completely healthy.

Couple with their children. (Image from 無敵小恩恩)