70% Taiwanese travelers dislike cigarette smoke: Survey

One third of Taiwanese travelers would choose 'hostels' over 'hotels' while traveling


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - A survey shows that 70 percent of Taiwanese travelers dislike the smell of cigarette smoke upon checking into a hotel room, the highest among global travelers.

Expedia, a global travel booking website, recently revealed the results of its 2018 Airplane and Hotel Etiquette Study, which shows that, on average, global travelers spend 14 nights in a hotel while traveling. Room rates and location are among the biggest factors people take into consideration when booking a hotel.

Travelers are budget conscious. The survey found that free Wi-Fi service matters to Taiwanese travelers. Up to 70 percent of Taiwanese travelers dislike cigarette smoke or foul smells upon checking into a hotel room. Also, Taiwanese travelers spend 11 nights in a hotel, less than the 14-night world average.

By looking at the type of accommodations, nearly 70 percent of global travelers choose to stay in an international hotel chain, but one third of Taiwanese travelers choose to stay in a hostel, the second highest in the world. Their rationales for choosing hostels are that they can save money and can make friends from around the world.

On the other hand, during the flight, the top three things most respondents cannot stand are seat kickers, barefoot passengers and excessively chatty or loud travelers.

The survey was conducted among nearly 20,000 respondents across 23 cities across the world.