Customer complains durian cake too smelly, Taiwanese netizens delighted

Taiwanese netizens delighted by durian cake a customer complained was too stinky

Durian cake. (Image from Facebook group 爆怨公社)

Durian cake. (Image from Facebook group 爆怨公社)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- After a baker posted an image of a durian cake he made which was rejected by a customer for being too smelly, Taiwanese netizens are lining up to grab themselves a piece of the putrid pastry.

Today on the Facebook group Breaking News Commune (爆怨公社) a baker complained that a customer had asked him to create a cake shaped like a durian fruit, but after he picked it up, he called him and complained, "Why did you have to make such a disgusting flavor?" The baker posted a photo of the remarkably realistic cake and said, "If you order a durian cake, of course you will get a durian!"

The baker added, "Just because you think it's gross, doesn't mean other people won't like it."

In response, many netizens expressed their enthusiasm for the fetid fruit:

"Boss, where can I buy one?"

"It's really stinky, but it's really tasty."

Intact cake before cutting. (Image from 爆怨公社)

The first image the baker posted showed the whole cake intact, and such was the attention to detail that went into making it, many netizens were fooled into thinking it was the real thing. It's not until one looks at the second image of a slice cut out of the cake does it become apparent that it is not the actual fruit:

"It looks so real, the first photo made me think it was a durian."

"Although I don't like durians, this looks like the real thing."

"If it hadn't been cut, I wouldn't have realized it was a cake."

"Cool, even the outer shape is realistic! 100 points."

"Super lifelike."

"Excuse me Mister Owner, can I order a cake from you?"

"Super strong, may I secretly ask you where I can order a cake from you?"

Cake after slice was cut out. (Image from 爆怨公社)