Taiwanese-British fashion model to host Hakka show for National Geographic

Natalie Pickles is known for contesting in Asia's Next Top Model

Fashion model Natalie Pickles (Photo from her Instagram account)

Fashion model Natalie Pickles (Photo from her Instagram account)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwanese-British fashion model Natalie Pickles cooked a local Hakka-style dish in her mother’s hometown in a rural township of Miaoli County on May 16, in an event to promote the TV show she’s about to host -- Hakka Renaissance (客家文藝復興) for National Geographic Channel.

The Gongguan Township (公館鄉), a stronghold of Taiwan’s Hakka culture, boasts a plethora of culinary specialties such as preserved vegetables (福菜).

Joined by another host of the program, Julian Davison, Natalie tried her hands at making a well-known delicacy composed of fried shredded pork with cuttlefish (客家小炒) at the instruction of her aunt, reported Liberty Times.

As the Chinese proverb goes, “Food is the first necessity of people,” said Natalie. She was thrilled at the experience, noting that it would be “a great thing” to promote Hakka culture through cuisine.

She added it was a privilege to have the opportunity of hosting the Hakka-themed show, hoping to introduce the ethnic group to more people.

As a fashion model, Natalie also expressed her wish to walk the catwalk in outfits made with the signature Hakka fabric, characterized by its floral prints and vibrant colors.