Taiwan 2nd largest consumer of salmon in Asia

On average Taiwanese eat 461 grams of salmon per year: poll

Norway famously exports excellent wild salmon. (Image from Pexel)

Norway famously exports excellent wild salmon. (Image from Pexel)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — According to data from the Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC), China boasts the greatest number of individual consumers of salmon in Asia followed by Taiwan.

Yesterday the NSC Director for South-East Asia, Jon Erik Steenslid, visited Taiwan to share the recent poll data and observe the salmon culture in Taiwan.

The poll quantified how many people ate at least one piece of raw salmon per month, according to CNA. The results showed that 68 % of China had one piece per month, then 41% of Taiwan, followed by 39% of Japan, 36% of South Korea, and 32 % of Thailand.

In 2017 Taiwan imported 18,560 tons of salmon, the fourth highest import total in Asia, however compared to the total population of the island, that signifies that the average Taiwanese consumed 461 grams of salmon, the second highest amount of individual consumption in Asia.

The largest importer of salmon in 2017 was Japan with 42,493 tons of salmon, whereas China only imported 4,039 tons.