Interview with Taiwanese director David Lim about his film 'Fight'

Interview with Taiwanese director David Lim, director of award winning film 'Fight'

David Lim. (Photo by Kate Hsiao)

David Lim. (Photo by Kate Hsiao)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taiwanese director David Lim won Best Director for his film “Fight” at the International Film festival in Nice last Saturday (May 12). David and his lead actor Ming Shuai Shih, attended the festival.

"I focus on making films I believe are good for mankind, to create a world with more forgiveness, compassion, integrity and love," says David Lim.

"Fight" is a silent film, beautifully shot almost like a Manga cartoon in gentle colors and lots of slow motion. It’s dark, yet magic, and with a clear light of hope leading the little boy to safety.

The protagonist is based on one of Lim’s friends, Ken Chyan, who grew up in the U.S, surviving bullying, violence and gun fights.

David Lim. (Photo by Kate Hsiao)

Chyan worked as a Graphic Designer by day and an underground Chinese gangster by night. He finally left that life due to a personal revelation and began sharing his past to help young people in prisons and various groups to change their lives to the better.

"I portray how this man’s inner child played a critical role in his road to recovery, in this guilty chaos and suffering that both hurt himself and people around him," explains Lim.

The film is somewhat brutal but in a very attractive way. It hurts to watch it and it’s at the same time entertaining.

"I wanted to make a simple movie without language, like reading a picture book from childhood," says Lim.

Lim (left) with author (right). (Photo by Kate Hsiao)

The production took altogether three years from first shooting day to final editing and was full of challenges. To edit it, turned out to be very complicated. Luckily, David Lim has a big very dedicated film production team working with him and they all supported their common dream to make this film the best it could be.

"I tried to edit it myself first, but it was very difficult. We also tried to add sound, but it just turned out very bad," laughs Lim.

Their hard and long work has been very appreciated both at IFF London in February and IFF Nice in the beginning of May. Many international filmmakers have expressed their admiration for Lim’s artistic approach and strong ethics.

David Lim started out as a director for commercials in 2008 and has done work for big brands and the Taiwanese government. One of his commercials show blind people walking down the street, holding their heads up proud and high. The commercial has the slogan “My disability doesn’t stop me from working, your prejudices do.”

Lim (left). (Photo from IFFNice 2018)

"We are all born equal and should treat each other with love, care and respect. In this commercial, I want to show how beautiful and happy those people are and that we all have great abilities if given a fair chance," means Lim.

Two years ago, Lim decided to stop doing commercials and instead focus on films and TV-series. The last year, he spent in Beijing pitching his work to different producers.

"I try to live my life with integrity and compassion. In the end, that made it difficult for me to continue directing commercials, as I had no control over the inner values and integrity in those projects. I decided to instead focus on my own film making," continues Lim.

Lim (right). (Photo from IFFNice 2018)

Lim’s current writing project is a feature film about a woman in recovery from cancer. The woman’s situation is a metaphor for Taiwan’s political situation in the world. He plans to film this feature in Taiwan on one of the amazing beaches here and show the world the pure beauty of Taiwan.

"I want to use film as a universal language and share my art globally. That way, I can show that Taiwan is also a part of the world," ends David Lim, who wanted to become a diplomat when he grew up.