Photo of the Day: View from Taipei's Xiangshan at night

Photo of couple enjoying Taipei skyline from Xiangshan at night, pre-Nan Shan Plaza era

View of Taipei at night. (Photo by Mike Quinn)

View of Taipei at night. (Photo by Mike Quinn)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- An American English teacher captured this photo a few years ago of a couple people huddled blow a lonely light as they gaze at Taipei's skyline from Xiangshan.

Mike Quinn, who has lived in Taiwan for five years, took the photo from the top of Xiangshan, also known as Elephant Mountain, on Aug. 12, 2015, before the boxy Nan Shan Plaza was constructed and crowded Taipei 101's space. Quinn explained to Taiwan News his inspiration for the photo:

"I went to the top of Elephant Mountain to enjoy the beautiful night view. I was sitting up there on the rocks when those two people sat under the light. I thought it was an amazing scene, so I took a picture. I always thought it was a beautiful picture, and I finally decided to share it."

On May 14 of this year, Quinn posted the photo on the social media site Reddit, where he received 81 upvotes for the image.