Taiwan's foreign ministry protests name change by Air Canada

The ministry is asking for a correction immediately

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) lodged a protest with Air Canada, through its economic and cultural office in Canada, after the airline succumbed to pressure from Beijing and listed Taipei as "a city of China."

Andrew Lee (李憲章), the spokesperson for MOFA, said that the ministry is asking for a correction immediately, reported CNA.

"As a sovereign state, Taiwan has reached remarkable achievements in democracy, liberty, human rights, and legal governance, and has been widely recognized by international society. Any means taken by Chinese government to threaten and intimidate foreign companies to honor its absurd request will not alter the objective fact that Taiwan is acting as a sovereign state, but even worse will arouse Taiwanese people's resentment of Chinese government," said Lee.

The spokesperson added that Taiwan and Canada have been working closely in trade and economic development, as well as on cultural, education, and technological advancement.

The government of Taiwan is said to have asked the Canadian government to defend its private businesses against political pressure from the Chinese government.

On April 25, the Civil Aviation Administration of China ordered a number of international airlines, including several from the U.S., to change how Taiwan is described on their websites and promotional material.

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