Mud volcano erupts in southern Taiwan

Mud flowed for over 10 hours from mud volcano in Pingtung, farmers eligible for compensation

Mud volcano envelopes Pingtung farmland.

Mud volcano envelopes Pingtung farmland. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A mud volcano erupted in Wantan township in southern Taiwan's Pingtung County from 2 a.m. through the afternoon yesterday, May 15.

Mud volcanoes erupt one to three times annually around this time of year in Pingtung, reported CNA.

Instead of spewing lava like an igneous volcano, mud volcanoes gurgle out a combination of water, gases, and mud. Igneous volcanoes are the result of magmatic activity and erupt lava, whereas mud volcanoes erupt mud.

(CNA image)

The mud volcano location in Pingtung County varies each year, sometimes inside of or near Wantan township and sometimes near Hsinyuan township. Yesterday's eruption was the product of two mounds while eruptions in previous years have been from four or five mounds.

No one was injured in yesterday's eruption however the waves of mud swamped over one hectare of farmland.

Farmers helplessly watched as the mud slowly blanketed their crops, according to CNA. The damage will impact future harvests for at least two years.

Pingtung County officials said those whose land was effected by the mud volcano can claim disaster assistance.