Taiwan's Grand Lottery jackpot soars up to NT$550 million

Jackpot for tonight's Grand Lottery will be the 6th highest in history if one person wins


(By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taiwan's Grand Lottery (大樂透) jackpot for tonight's draw has now climbed to a whopping NT$550 million (US$18 million), reported CNA.

Without having a winner for 19 weeks, the prize for tonight's Grand Lottery draw will be NT$550 million, and if one person wins, that would be the sixth highest payout in the history of the Taiwan lottery.

The biggest jackpot awarded in the history of the Taiwan lottery was NT$937 million, which was won by one person on June 9, 2009. The second highest payout was NT$726 million, which was awarded on Feb. 23, 2007.

The Grand Lottery jackpot has exceeded NT$1 billion four times in history, in some cases even within fewer than 10 rounds, and the highest the jackpot has ever reached was NT$1.8 billion. Since 2014, the lottery has only passed 15 rounds a total of three times, with the jackpot never quite reaching the 800 million mark.