Photo of the Day: 'Accidental map of Taiwan' found in bento box

'Map' of Taiwan appears inside a box of glazed sweet potatoes

"Map of Taiwan" (left). (Photo by Veronika Csenge Kiss)

"Map of Taiwan" (left). (Photo by Veronika Csenge Kiss)

TAIWAN (Taiwan News) -- A Hungarian exchange student living in Kaohsiung took a photo of what she describes as an "accidental map of Taiwan" imprinted on the inside lid of a bento box by the sauce of some glazed sweet potatoes inside.

The 19-year-old student, Veronika Csenge Kiss, took the photo during her 10-month stay in Taiwan. Kiss said she was given the bento box from her host mother which was purchased from a night market in Kaohsiung.

Describing her discovery, Kiss said, "This is a box my hostmum brought me in the first month of my stay. By that time I was already in love with the country so this accidental surprise made me pretty impressed."

The Chinese government has yet to release a statement on the map, which does not appear to depict Taiwan as a part of China.

"Map" of Taiwan visible on upper left side. (Photo by Veronika Csenge Kiss)