Ministry of Economic Affairs announces new 'Invest Taiwan' Office

The office aims to facilitate foreign investment in Taiwan, and create a network for talent cultivation in the country

(Image from the Invest Taiwan website)

(Image from the Invest Taiwan website)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has announced plans to create a new office to assist foreign investors and to attract foreign talent to Taiwan.

The new project and office, called “Invest Taiwan” will act as a platform for recruiting foreign professionals as well as a help center that will make use of the MOEA’s resources to facilitate foreign investment in Taiwan. The office will reportedly open in June.

The head of MOEA’s Department of Investment Services, Chang Min-pin (張銘斌) , says the Invest Taiwan Office will tailor services to foreign companies and investors, also helping create a networking service to pair talented professionals with suitable companies to better facilitate growth in various industries, and among start up enterprises.

Along with the Invest Taiwan Office initiative, a three-part strategy to cultivate and attract talent is also under development, according to CNA.

The three parts of the strategic initiative are called; the Phoenix Project, the Morning Star Project, and the Pilot Whale Program.

The "Phoenix Project" will target foreign investors, helping them to navigate things like the procurement of work permits, residence permits, and dealing with various legal issues and obstacles they may face in establishing a business or allocating investment in Taiwan.

The curiously named "Morning Star Project" will be aimed at creating a cooperative network between Taiwan’s prestigious schools and the government to help foreign students secure work in Taiwan upon graduation and to increase the country’s talent supply. Likewise, the "Pilot Whale Project" will similarly assist with cultivating talent from among the local population, reports CNA.

The Invest Taiwan Office has already launched their multi-lingual web page which can be accessed here.