Water level at Shimen Reservoir in northern Taiwan drops to 232.21 meters

Upcoming rain season should help raise water level

(Photo courtesy of PXhere.com)

(Photo courtesy of PXhere.com)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)— The water level of the Shimen Reservoir has reached 232.21 meters on May 14.

The Northern Region Water Resources Office said that it hopes that the rainy season will bring enough rainfall in the catchment area to raise the water level soon.

After the Lunar New Year, Taiwan’s weather gradually began warming up, with moderately warm temperatures and sunny days. The Shimen Reservoir water level has been gradually depleted reaching 232.21 meters on May 14.

Chiu Chung-chuan (邱忠川), deputy director of the Northern Region Water Resources Office of the Water Resources Agency, told CNA that the Shimen Reservoir had reached full water level capacity during the Lunar New Year. But due to low rainfalls in March and April, along with the daily supply of water for local agriculture, have seriously reduced the the water reservoir for the Taoyuan population.

The depleted reservoir (CNA Image)

According to CNA and the Northern Region Water Resources Office, the water level dropped to 232.21 meters at 10 a.m. today, and the water storage capacity is at about 110 million tons. The water currently available is around 51.7 percent of capacity.

Chiu stated that with the upcoming rainy season, the problem of the declining water level should be alleviated as water levels are expected to rise. The first rain front arrived on the 8th and added about 10 million tons of water.

The Central Weather Bureau predicts that there will be another wave of rainfall expected to arrive on the May 19, that will assist with raising the reservoir water level.

Some people are worried that the water level of the reservoir is too low. However, Chiu pointed out that according to the data analysis, the ratio of rainfall at the Shimen Reservoir during wet and dry seasons is 7 to 3, which means that during the flood season, the reservoir will serve another important function: flood control, reports CNA.

The drop in the reservoir’s water level will actually allow the reservoir to exercise its flood control function, by reducing the possibility of downstream floods. Therefore, the public does not need to worry.

The Shimen Reservoir is located mid-stream of the Dahan River in Taoyuan City. The Shimen Reservoir has been in operation for over 50 years, serving five important functions, including irrigation, hydropower generation, public water supply, flood mitigation and tourism.