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Music from Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou awakens woman from coma

Jay Chou's 2006 song 'Rosemary' was apparently just what the doctor ordered

(Image from Pixabay user Corgaasbeek)

(Image from Pixabay user Corgaasbeek)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The melodies of famous Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou have reportedly brought a woman back from a coma.

The 24 year old woman had been in a coma for four months, when her male nurse decided to begin playing Jay Chou’s music, since he thought she might be familiar with the Taiwanese artist and enjoy the music.

“I listened to Jay Chou’s songs growing up, so I thought maybe she’d like them, too,” said the nurse whose name is Peng Keling.

The nurse and hospital staff received a surprise when they noticed that the woman began to physically respond to the singer’s music by slightly moving her feet.

The song that ultimately brought the young woman back from her comatose state was “Rosemary" (迷迭香) from Jay Chou’s 2006 album “Still Fantasy,” according to the Wuhan Evening News which first ran the story.

When his patient began to respond to the Jay Chou tune, he reportedly put the song on repeat and began singing along.

Eventually, the young woman opened her eyes, and then at the direction of the nurse, began to move her fingers, and then her hands. She was suffering from a brain disorder which limited the oxygen flow to her brain.

She fell into the coma in November of 2017, and reportedly regained consciousness in March this year, and is now in recovery, reports the Inquirer.

When the patient was able to speak, and asked her opinion of the nurse's singing, she reportedly responded that it was “not bad.”

Jay Chou's "Rosemary:"

Updated : 2021-06-13 20:19 GMT+08:00