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Taiwan's female workers expect prospective husbands to earn NT$51,872 at minimum: poll

Female workers are reluctant to have babies unless their household income reaches NT$74,965

Image by pixabay

Image by pixabay

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan’s female workers will not consider entering marriage if their prospective husbands earn less than NT$51,872 (US$1,730) and will not be willing to have babies unless their household income reaches NT$74,965 (US$2,501) at minimum, according to the latest survey by 1111 Job Bank.

In addition, as many as 76 percent of married women reported having had quarrels with their spouses over financial issues, indicating the importance of household income and expenditure in a nuptial relationship.

Asked about the reasonable monthly salary for “mothers,” if to be paid, female respondents expected an amount of NT$53,031 (US$1,769) on average, NT$3,042 (US$101.5) higher than the 2017 figure of monthly income released by the government's Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, standing at NT$49,989 (US$1,668), reported CNA.

The fact suggests that female workers believe the role of moms can be more challenging than ordinary salary workers, and therefore they deserve to be paid more decently, noted Henry Ho (何啟聖), vice president of 1111 Job Bank.

The poll also finds that women decided to tie the knot for reasons such as meeting the right person (43.09%), reaching the right age to get married (42.68%), concerned about fertility issues (21.14%), pressured by parents/senior members of the family (18.7%), and unintended pregnancy (17.48%).

Updated : 2022-01-18 06:34 GMT+08:00