Canadian man prosecuted for sexual harassment, assault in Taipei

Canadian man being prosecuted for sexual harassment of college coed and assault of female reporter in Taipei

The photo shows the Taipei District Prosecutors Office.

The photo shows the Taipei District Prosecutors Office.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A Canadian man traveling in Taiwan is being prosecuted for sexually harassing and assaulting two Taiwanese women, reported Apple Daily.

The 27-year man at noon on April 12 approached a female reporter walking alone at the Zhongxiao Xinsheng Taipei MRT Station. The man suddenly reached out his hand to touch the reporter's shoulder and her hair as he started to talk to her.

The woman was frightened by his sudden movement and shouted in English "Don't touch me," as she immediately turned around and got ready to leave. Apparently angered by her rejection, the suspect kicked her buttocks according to Liberty Times, before running away from the scene. The frightened female reporter immediately called the police.

According to police, the suspect then started following a female college student who was walking on Xinsheng North Road. Once she turned the corner onto Bade Road he lunged forward and touched her breasts, after which the startled student ran away and immediately alerted authorities.

After fielding both reports of sexual harassment, the Da'an Precinct of the Taipei City Police Department immediately began reviewing surveillance camera footage and they confirmed that the man had indeed acted improperly and invaded the personal space of the women. They then used the footage to trace the whereabouts of the man and took him into custody on April 14.

When questioned by police, the man said that he only slightly touched the reporter's hair and did not sexually harass her, but because she used Chinese and English to curse him, he felt insulted and it was only then that he kicked her, but he claimed it was only a "light tap." The suspect denied intentionally touching the college student's breasts, instead claiming that he was only stretching out his arm, because he claims to have a condition that requires frequent stretching and that he inadvertently touched her in the process.

However, because the reporter pressed charges for sexual assault and bodily harm, the student also pressed charges for sexual assault, and the suspect could have potentially left the country, police went to the room he was renting and took him into custody.