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Design for Taichung, Taiwan mega-library unveiled

Japanese architect Kazuyo Sejima releases design for landmark library-meets-art-museum structure in Taichung

Digital blueprint for proposed Taichung library.

Digital blueprint for proposed Taichung library. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Globally renowned Japanese architect, Kazuyo Sejima of the SANAA architecture firm, publicly released the design plans for the Taichung library and art gallery on May 7.

Bidding for the project will be open this June and July. Once complete the structure will be the first smart, dual library-art museum in Taiwan, according to CNA.

The library will be located at the northern most edge of the Shui Nan Smart Park (水湳智慧城中央公園) in Taichung.

According to the Taichung Construction Bureau, the first floor of the library will have no walls between areas and will instead be a free-flowing space, encouraging spontaneous movement. The ceilings on each level will be tall so that each floor can be transformed into a different kind of space, like an exhibition for example, if needed.

Design for Taichung, Taiwan mega-library unveiled
Kazuyo Sejima (Wikicommons image)

The total area of the structure will be 58,016 square meters (624,000 square feet), and will include a seven-story steel frame. The highest point of the library will be 37.75 square meters tall.

Sejima’s work is known for including glass and open spaces to convey a feeling of the bringing the outside inside, which is visible in his works like the Glass Pavilion in the Toledo Museum of Art and the Rolex Learning Center in Switzerland.

Updated : 2021-10-23 02:21 GMT+08:00